Let’s start!

How to start this new experience? In the last years the social presence became almost mandatory for all the stakeholders in the IT world.

I was thinking to postpone this experience but after some times I thought that this would have been another way to support all my customers.

I will try to post only topics that are close to my day-to-day working life and with the aim to provide a clear explanation.

This blog is clearly related to VMware solutions but there will be situations where I will be attracted to speak also about something different…… at the end….this is my blog.

I want to thanks in advance all the visitors that will leave comments and I will try to answer in my free time.

Something about the author of this website.

Paolo Ticali is an engineer with long experience on the IT world. During the last 10 years he has worked in UAE covering different markets and industries.

This is his personal blog related to VMware solutions and IT Roadmap and Strategies.